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March 2019 - Nailed it!

I started private lessons, passed three levels, and ramped up my dedication to ice skating all in the month of March. 

Monday 4th March
Before Lesson
I couldn’t fit in a practice session this weekend, so the first time I try my new skates will be tonight. I’m incredibly nervous and I hope that I remember how to fit and tie them correctly. Hopefully we get our results and I’m able to move up a group. Ideally I want to be in group 3, what with everything I feel I can do. Now that I’ve purchased my real skates a few weeks earlier than I initially planned, I can begin pushing for some progress. As soon as I can I will be booking some private lessons, and ideally I should be skating three times a week now.
After Lesson
Today was amazing. I noticed another skater going into a higher group, so I bit the bullet and asked if I could move up too. I actually ended up skipping the transition group and moving straight into group 2. I am so proud of myself for being confident in my abilities. It was incredibly annoying feeling like I was being held back. My new skates are incredible too. They really helped me to learn today – I did backwards lemons, skating backwards confidently for the first time ever. I have also booked my first private lesson - it will be on Wednesday and I’m very nervous / excited to see what I learn.

Wednesday 6th March
I had my first ever private lesson today, and I absolutely loved it. Anthony is a fantastic teacher and I feel like I improved so much in ironing out some bad habits and picking up new skills. Today we focused on stopping and skating backwards. I am still struggling with backwards marching, but I am almost able to stop, I just need to work on applying more pressure and strengthening my legs as they wouldn’t stop shaking! I even did a teeny tiny spin which was very cool. He’s said I can have that slot from now on, and I’m already looking forward to our next lesson.

Monday 11th March
Today’s group lesson really sucked. We practiced backwards marching over and over, yet I still can’t grasp it. I felt really stupid the entire time, and like everyone was looking at me because I was always last. We also did a lot of work on stops, so I was grateful for my lesson with Anthony last week as I’m finding them much easier, even if it’s more of a gradual slow-down than a stop in my case. I spoke to the coach for a while after the class and she says I’m doing well, but I want to be doing better.

Wednesday 13th March
Before Lesson
I’m very much looking forward to my private lesson with Anthony tonight, especially after Monday’s disastrous group lesson. I really want to nail this backwards marching malarkey, and I’m determined to keep going at it. I’ve decided to swap my hours at work so that I can get to the rink earlier on Wednesdays and not have to break off for something to eat, as I’m not spending enough time on the ice each week for the results I want.
After Lesson
Lesson was cancelled. The rink totally messed up and forgot to tell anyone that the entire session was cancelled. Furious.

Monday 18th March
Before Lesson
I'm not really sure how I feel about skating tonight. I'm sort of looking forward to it, but in a more reserved way than normal. I think the disappointment of driving all the way there on Wednesday just for it to be cancelled has put a bit of a dampener on it for me. I haven't skated in a whole week and so I am a little nervous about getting back on the ice.
After Lesson
I am so, so, so proud of myself for tonight!! I passed Level 2 and have now moved into Level 3, after only one full lesson of being in there. I can even stop properly! Adrian came to watch tonight for the first time and said I looked so beautiful and graceful on the ice. Hopefully I will soon catch up all those weeks I stayed behind for Em in Level 1. Level 3 involves one foot glides, moving turns, and proper backwards skating. I am incredibly excited for next week now! My private on Wednesday has been cancelled again, but I think I will still go to the session to have a good hour or so of practice. Finally seeing results feels so good!

Wednesday 20th March
I managed to get a good hour of practice tonight, really just skating round and trying out stops and backwards skating to build up my confidence in preparation for my first Level 3 lesson on Monday. I even attempted a couple of one foot glides whilst forwards skating. I think I may need to do a little bit of off-ice practice each day to build up my balance - I must remember to buy some skate guards so I can practice without damaging my blades. I may also start looking into regular exercises I can do to strengthen my legs and core, as I'm going to need them when I progress further.

Monday 25th March
Before Lesson
I am really, really looking forward to my first Level 3 lesson tonight! I'm quite nervous to be moving into a new group all on my own (nobody else in my group passed with me) but the excitement is definitely stronger than any feelings of nerves. I am now looking into purchasing some proper leotards and skirts to practice in.
After Lesson
I am just so unbelievable proud of myself. I can't put into words just how great I feel after tonight. My first ever lesson in Level 3, and I pass it the very same night. Two of the moves (backwards glide, moving 2 foot turn) I had never ever done before, and passed them straight away. Now the real challenge begins with Level 4, and much more difficult skills such as Slaloms and Chasses. I am SO EXCITED. I also noticed myself becoming a lot more fearless tonight, pushing myself and not being afraid of falling. I'm so happy!!!

Wednesday 27th March
I had an absolutely fantastic private lesson with Anthony tonight! He is so sweet and supportive, always full of praise when I do even the slightest thing right. We worked on basic outside edges and a little slalom in prep for Level 4 on Monday. The hardest part I'm finding is trusting myself enough to lean into the air on edges, it just feels so scary. Typically I did my best 1 foot outside edge as soon as the lesson ended and he wasn't there. I'm struggling a little bit with correct form during backwards skating, I must remember to try and keep my feet as close as possible with each push.

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