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Tracking my goals and progress as an adult figure skater

My goals as an adult figure skater

In my first lesson with my coach, he asked me what my goals were, what I wanted to achieve as a figure skater. Caught off-guard, I had no idea how to answer him. Three months later I've had a little think about some short and long term goals when it comes to figure skating, and I'm finally putting those thoughts into words with this little post today.

Short Term Goals

Aiming to achieve within the next 3 months

Pass Skate UK Level 5
Starting small, my first goal is to pass Level 5 of the Skate UK program. At my rink, when you get into Level 6 your lessons start at a different time, and that seems like a good milestone to aim for. Level 5 elements include Forward Crossovers (which I can almost do!) and lots of backwards edges, so it will definitely be a challenge for me.

Learn Backwards Crossovers
Level 6 and 7 focus on Backwards Crossovers and they are a move that I personally think looks so effortless and graceful when done properly. They are definitely something that I will mark my own progress against, really feeling like I'm getting 'good' when I achieve them.

Mid Term Goals

Aiming to achieve within the next 6 to 9 months

Pass Skate UK Level 8
Yep, I want to pass the entire thing. I have been skating 3 months at this current moment, so my goal is to pass Skate UK within a year overall. I'm determined and passionate about it, and after charting my progress so far I think I'll be able to do it.

Buy a Chloe Noel practice outfit
They're so stunningly beautiful, well-made, and do elicit a kind of cool girls "you can't sit with us" vibe, however they are incredibly expensive, so there's no way I can justify buying one until I've been skating at least 9 months, or have passed Skate UK.

Learn a Waltz Jump
This is one thing I am desperate to learn and very determined to work towards. You don't learn Waltz jumps in the curriculum until Skate UK Star Bronze, however I am hoping I can build up to it sooner in my private lessons with Anthony.

Long Term Goals

Aiming to achieve over the next 1+ years

Pass Skate UK Star Bronze
The Bronze level of Frees Sating contains all the elements I have admired and desperately wanted to learn right from the very beginning - Spirals, Watlz Jumps and Drags. Passing this would be a massive achievement for me and I can only imagine just how proud of myself I will feel when the time comes (because I am determined that it will.)

Pass Skate UK Star Gold
This is a BIG thing that I am prepared to work incredibly hard for. I am aiming to pass all of Skate UK Star, including Gold level which includes intimidating elements such as the beautiful Toe-Loop jump. It is definitely a long term goal, but I'm excited to be working towards it every time I learn a new Skate UK element.

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