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October 2019 - Might as well jump (jump!)

October was a fantastic month for skating progress (with the soundtrack being that Van Halen song.) I learned my first-ever jumps, started my Level 8 Skate UK lessons, and attended the Sheffield Ice Skating Club Halloween Party
Sunday 6th October
Private Lesson - Cancelled
Not a great start to the month, I had to cancel my lesson as I was so hungover poorly from the night before!

Monday 7th October
Skate UK Level 8 - Cancelled
It's my birthday today! So I didn't go to my first Level 8 lesson as we went out for a meal instead and wouldn't have been back in time. I had a lovely birthday, I went to the LUSH spa in Leeds with Ami-Lee. I'm so happy to have made such a great friend through skating.

Sunday 13th October
Private Lesson
More of the same for this lesson, working on the Level 8 curriculum ahead of my first Skate UK lesson on it tomorrow. I'm starting to get frustrated with myself again - a few weeks ago I was really good at these Continuous 3 Turns, and now I can't do them at all. The spin still absolutely terrifies me too. I can tell that this level is going to be another one that takes real time and effort to crack.

Monday 14th October
Skate UK Level 8
A good first Level 8 lesson! I really enjoyed it, but it was very difficult. I felt so nervous and sick leading up to the lesson, but Ami-Lee stuck by me and helped me out. I figured out my own little way of tackiling the One Foot Spin too, which was good. The one thing we didn't do in the lesson was Continuous Outside 3 Turns - The one thing I can do haha! We have Jess teaching us which is great because she's really nice and teaches everything properly.

Sunday 20th October
Private Lesson
I LEARNED TO JUMP! Omg, it was absolutely terrifying! But I felt so buzzed and so proud of myself for doing it. Anthony first taught me a Bunny-Hop, which I'm pleased to say I picked up straight away. It was simpler than I thought it to be - glide forwards, swing free leg, land on free leg, step forward and repeat. He then taught me a proper Waltz jump! I learned it first from standing, then from gliding forwards, and finally from proper backwards crossovers into the jump. The first one I did was fantastic! I was just so proud of myself. I wasn't able to repeat it as I chickened out after that initial milestone, but right at the end of the lesson I managed another one. I could not be more proud or pleased right now. I'm going to keep practicing it and hopefully have someone record it for my Instagram soon.

Monday 21st October
Skate UK Level 8
I enjoyed tonight's lesson. We spent a lot of time on the step sequence and it's starting to feel more natural now. I was pleased to be able to add in the Bunny-Hop that I learned last lesson, but it's going to take me a while to figure out a drag. I just can't get my leg to bend that way! I missed Ami-Lee tonight as she wasn't there.

Sunday 27th October
Private Lesson & Public Skate
I had a truly lovely day today! As my thighs hurt from jumping last week, I got to the rink an hour early today to have a proper warm-up. I met Melissa there who I chatted and practiced with for the time before my lesson.

My lesson itself was really good, I didn't think I was doing very well, but Anthony was full of praise as always. He was especially impressed with my Twizzles, which I seemed to crack in last Monday's lesson. Hopefully I can get them signed off tomorrow! We went through the step sequence quickly as I nearly have it now, then spent more time on my one-foot spin. I very nearly have it now! It's just having the confidence to stay upright and not fold after the first rotation. I'm really proud of myself and he is too. He also showed me how to go into a drag from the Bunny-Hop, and how to use my toepick to push myself into it.

Instead of rushing straight off home after my lesson, I instead stayed to practice with Melissa, and also Lindsay from my group. I've never spoken to her before and really enjoyed practicing with her! She's taking part in the Christmas show, which I would have loved to do had I have known it was possible. She also helped me some more with my spin, and I practiced my Waltz jump. I just had so much fun, it was nice just to 'play' for a change. I feel really, really happy (as I'm sure is obvious from the super long entry!)

Monday 28th October
Skate UK Level 8
I passed my Twizzles! I knew I'd get them signed off today as Anthony was so pleased with them yesterday. I did expect to pass my continuous outside 3 turns too as I thought I could do them pretty well, however after watching a video my sister took I can see exactly what I need to work on for next week (keeping my damn head up for starters!) We only worked on the 3 turns, Twizzles and the Step Sequence today, so I didn't get to work anymore on my spin, thankfully.

Tuesday 29th October
SISC Halloween Party
Ok so I definitely turned up to a children's party dressed as Regina George! It was a little embarrassing that there was only a handful of adults and a huge group of children, but I still had fun playing the party games and spending time with Ami-lee outside of lessons. A nice end to the month at least!

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