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My 2020 skating goals

And just like that, 2019 is over! I had an absolutely lovely year, filled with a lot of accomplishments and successes. Determined to keep progressing, I've put together these goals for my first full year of skating.

For this year, I'm not going to focus on levels, and rather on mastering individual elements as best I can. A certificate means nothing if I feel I've scraped through, and can't do the elements a month later!

Short Term Goals

Aiming to achieve within the next 3 months

Pass Skate UK Star Bronze in Ice Dancing
I am very nearly here!! During the intensive day on the 30th December I passed three of the five elements required for Bronze Dance, leaving only the two hardest ones to go - The Spiral, and the Mohawk sequence. I am determined to pass these ASAP.

Get the splits
Increasing flexibility will always be helpful in figure skating, and so I aim to have the splits on both sides before the end of March. I'll have to be really strict on myself to practice this every day and not be lazy! Hopefully my weekly Yoga class will help too.

Recover my Spin / Outside Edge
Since getting my new skates I have lost my right outside edge and the position for my spin! So I'd like to 'find' it again, and hopefully clear up the remaining break-in issues I have with my skates to get them feeling as comfy as my Graf 500s did.

Mid Term Goals

Aiming to achieve within the next 6 months

Enter a SSJ competition
SSJ stands for 'Spin, Spiral and Jump' and is a small beginner's competition held at my rink. It consists of a short 30-second program where you incorporate all three of those elements before a panel of judges. They're every 6 months, with the last one being in October 2019, and I'm aiming to take part in the one this coming Spring.

Buy a pretty comp dress
What's the fun in entering a competition without a gorgeous dress? It may be seen as overkill for such a small event, but I know having a pretty costume hanging in my wardrobe will inspire me to work even harder to compete properly in the future.

Learn Backwards Crossrolls
These are an element that I already know I'm going to struggle with in Gold Dance, so I would like to figure them out as early as possible.

Learn a Teapot / Shoot The Duck
Another one I'm going to find difficult! Teapots look like so much fun, however as I'm afraid of embarrassing myself by falling on my bum, these are going to be a difficult element for me to learn!

Yearly Goals

Aiming to achieve within the whole of 2020

Take part in the Christmas show
This is something I idly toyed with the idea of in 2019, but I never made the effort to find out how to take part, and the dates of the show fell on my work's Christmas party (terrible excuse, I know.) After watching the 2019 show, I'm determined to be in the Christmas show and will make every effort to be a part of it (even the early mornings!)

Learn single jumps
Fear was something that held me back a lot in 2019, so in order to be more fearless in 2020 I would like to work towards learning as many of the single jumps as I can. This is going to be very scary for me as I don't trust my new skates yet, but hopefully over the course of the year I can steadily work towards this goal. I'm purposely not putting a number of jumps here, as even one would be enough!

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