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March 2020 - Everything sucks!

In March I  faced the cancellation of what was to be my first competition, alongside the closure of every rink in the country.

Sunday 1st March
Private Lesson
I had fun today! We spent the majority of the lesson going through my routine. I'm still not very good at it, but I'm starting to commit it to memory. I did a spin with FOUR rotations! Major win, but I wasn't able to do it again. But now I've done it once, I'm certain I can do it again. From spinning so many times and the stupid disco lights during the session, I started to feel really dizzy and sick, so we paused the routine to work on Dance skills. First of all, my Twizzles are back! Let's hope I can keep them for good this time. Second, I've learned a new way of trying the Mohawk, so hopefully I can now start getting it for my Silver sequence. A really positive lesson overall. Two more to go until the competition!

Monday 2nd March
Skate UK Star - Gold Ice Dancing
Not a great lesson to be honest. There are now so many people in the group that we're running over each other, and can only work on certain things that we have the room for. Definitely no spirals. It's becoming quite boring, especially spending a whole lesson doing chasses. It's not Anthony's fault at all, he's only working with what's safe to do. Part of me wants to email in and complain about the size of the group, but also I don't want anyone to get kicked out or jeopardise the whole session. A tricky one, but I resent paying about £8 a lesson right now.

Thursday 5th March
Practice Session
So. Much. Better! They had actually resurfaced the ice today, and so it was really nice when I arrived at The Dome for my practice with Shigh. I also finally convinced my sister to come and she really enjoyed it! I worked on spinning and the starting pivot of my routine - due to this I've developed the scary habit of trying to spin on my toepick! Terrifying stuff, hopefully I can stamp that out before I get hurt. I also worked on getting low into my drags again after my fall, and practicing some pretty arm movements with them. Shigh got a video of me trying this. I also have a dilemma - I wore my gorgeous new Roaring Mouse wrap skirt to practice in, and now I'd quite like to wear it for the competition as it's so gorgeous and comfortable! So I'm not sure which outfit to pick now. I'll wear it on Sunday to show Anthony.

Sunday 8th March
Private Lesson - Cancelled
My lesson today was cancelled as Anthony is away. I'm a little bit anxious as I needed this lesson, and I now only have one left before the competition. To help me feel better (and make sure I could still practice) Adi took me on an adventure to two different rinks.

Public Skate - Hull
Two words - Hell no. Another two words - Never again. I hated Hull rink. When we got there at 11am the rink had only been open for less than an hour, but the ice was as bad as it gets at iceSheffield before a resurface, except there was barely anyone there! They also charged me £1.80 for Adi to 'spectate.' Really disappointing, I won't be returning ever.

Public Skate - Grimsby
What a find! A literal diamond in the rough! Beautiful ice that was just being resurfaced as we got there at 2pm, and there can't have been more than 20 people at the most on at once. I was easily the most competent skater there, and I had the whole middle circle to myself for an hour to practice spinning. I did the most beautiful spins! Ones that had so many rotations that I got dizzy, with people watching me practice. I wish iceSheffield was like this! I will definitely be returning in a few weeks after they have finished their maintenance work (lucky timing today, they close for 3 weeks tomorrow!)

Monday 9th March
Skate UK Star - Bronze Free Skating
A sucky lesson. I thought I would give Freeskating a go before the competition, but I really cannot spin or jump. All that practice yesterday seemed to be for nothing! I don't how I could have found some great spins, then lost them again in a day. A certain coach made fun of me for spinning with my arms out in front of everyone. It was so rude and embarrassing. My jumps are terrible as well, especially when you consider I started learning them in October. I feel pretty bad about myself and the lesson tonight. The one positive is that my sister took some videos for me (not anything worth posting) but you can tell I've lost a lot of weight in them, so there's that at least.

Thursday 12th March
Practice Session
Not bad ice today at The Dome, but it was much busier than usual! Crazy. So I didn't actually manage to get much practice done, but I did work on trying to really push off my toepick for the Waltz jump. I think I almost have it now, which is great progress for me.

Sunday 15th March
Private Lesson
My lesson today felt all over the place. My spins feel gone for good, I don't think there's any way I'll be able to pull one off for the competition. I also fell at the end of the lesson just as I was doing my last run through. Ugh. On a positive note, I threw myself into some double Twizzles and they almost worked?!?! Like?!! Shook. it's amazing how much confidence plays a role in skating. I told myself I could do them, and suddenly I could. I'm going to try this strategy tomorrow and hope for the best! We also tested how far I could jump on my Waltz, I managed about a metre, which I think is pretty good going! My Salchow is also going well. I need to remember these things the next time I'm feeling down about myself.

Monday 16th March
Skate UK Star - Gold Ice Dancing

Tuesday 17th March
SSJ Competition
A little context on yesterday's entry. Today's competition is cancelled, and I got the news right at the last minute before the lesson yesterday, so I didn't even bother joining in with the lesson. Even though all they'd been saying all day was that it was going ahead. Now it's postponed. Idiots. If things are going to get worse, then surely today is the safest it will be for weeks. I'm so angry and upset. The world has gone mad.

Wednesday 18th March
Goodbye Skate
I got some very sad news today. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, rinks are starting to shut down. Ice Sheffield is already shut, and The Dome closed at 8pm tonight. I cancelled my yoga class, put on my dress and makeup, and drove to meet Shigh at The Dome for our 'goodybye skate'. They hadn't even resurfaced, but we made the best with what we had. We took loads of photos and videos to try and capture our last moments on the ice there for an unspecified amount of time. I feel very, very sad. Planet Ice at Leeds is still open for the time being, and Adi has promised to take me early on Saturday morning. I hope it stays open that long. I doubt it.

Friday 20th March
Covid-19 Update
It's all over. All the rinks are now closed indefinitely. I feel like my life as I know it is over. Government ruling - They've closed all the gyms and leisure centres too. No skating, no spinning, no yoga. I am so heartbroken and angry. I'm scared too. I've come to rely on skating for so many things in my life - my friendships, my weight loss, and a guaranteed pick-me-up three times a week. Now all of that is gone. I don't know what I'm going to do, or how I'm going to cope. I can't believe that I wasted my last Monday night lesson without even thinking about it. I miss Anthony already. Everything is horrible and I'm not sure how I'm going to get through it.

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