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April 2020 - Let's get physical

April has been a difficult month for me, but I've kept positive by working on my flexibility and off-ice skating skills.

Monday 20th April
Where Have I Been?
I'm finally feeling 'okay' enough to start writing my diary again. This past month has been really, really difficult for me with not being able to skate and the cancellation of what would have been my first competition. Today is my first day back at work after 3 weeks of furlough, which I've tried to spend as productively as possible (the furlough, not the day at work. That's been pointless.)

To make up for missing out on skating for the past 5 weeks, I've been spending a lot of time taking part in Kelly Sheffield's off-ice classes. I would really recommend them to anyone! The first one nearly killed me, but gradually they're becoming easier and more enjoyable. I've seen my flexibility improve loads over the few weeks I've been doing them, especially my splits.

I'm going to start updating this post with my progress photos from the last few weeks for my splits, especially now I've bought some proper yoga blocks and a flexibility strap that hooks over the door. Hopefully I'll start to see some real results soon!

Friday 3rd April - Starting point

Tuesday 7th April

Monday 13th April

Saturday 18th April

Tuesday 21st April

A little bit of progress on my left leg too, which is always a good thing! I don't even have starting photos of my left as it was always so bad, so I'm happy with this.

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