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May 2020 - Split happens

I continued on with my flexibility and splits training throughout May, edging closer to getting flat splits and a one-handed Biellmann.

Friday 1st May
A great start to the month! I've come such a long way already since the beginning of April, and I hope that this is the month I really start to see some results. I'm not stretching with Kelly's online classes 3/4 times a week - Tuesday evening (legs specific class), Saturday morning, Sunday morning (with skates on!) and sometimes on a Friday morning if I manage to 'work from home.' I may try and keep up with my Wednesday evening yoga classes too, but I never enjoy them quite as much as Kelly's.

Saturday 9th May
I didn't do many classes this week as I just didn't feel like it, however I had a go this morning still in my dress and tights as I remembered too late to change. The dress hides a multitude of sins! It makes my splits look a lot flatter than they actually are, which I suppose is a bonus if I'm ever wearing a dress or skirted leotard!

Monday 11th May
I am so close!!! I just need to find a way to squeeze down that last inch to get my thigh to the floor. My left leg is also catching up nicely, and may even be overtaking my right leg at this point! Poppy was very interested in what I was doing on the floor. I used my own version of a class tonight to get here, mixing parts of Kelly's warm-up with notes that I've taken from previous classes. I'm going to keep on doing this routine every night this week and see where I get with it.

Thursday 14th May
I did it! My first 'touchdown'! My front thigh is all the way flat down. I spent about an hour and a half stretching on the build up to this, and I was able to get into it several times to take multiple photos. It's taken me exactly six weeks to get to this point, and I'm so excited and pleased with myself! Now I need to work on getting my bum a little lower, sitting straighter, and being able to hold and stay in it comfortably.

Saturday 16th May
Well would you look at that! We went to the seaside today, and as I'd already signed up and paid for Kelly's class, I decided to have a go on the sand! I didn't join it with much of the class, but after doing my own short warm-up I was able to pop out both a right and left split on the sand, making for some GORGEOUS photos! I know they don't look super flat, but my feet were digging into the sand as I stretched out. My next challenge now is to achieve a one-handed Biellmann!

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