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August 2020 - A wonderful return

After two false starts, the news finally came that  ice rinks were allowed to open again 
from Saturday 15th August! Here's how my first sessions back went...

Saturday 15th August
Planet Ice Opening Day
My first day back on the ice in five months! It didn't go as well as I'd have hoped, but the spark is still there. Read my full post here.

Monday 17th August
The Dome Opening Day
I was desperately hoping that the Dome would have opened up yesterday, but alas their first day was delayed until today. I'm annoyed, as today is also my first day back at work after two weeks off! The timing couldn't be any worse for me. I'm extra annoyed as they aren't running any sessions after 4pm, so there's no chance of me being able to skate during the week at all. I'm hoping it's just for these last two weeks of August before the schools start again, then they'll add some proper evening sessions.

Tuesday 18th August
I received two lots of news regarding iceSheffield today. The first is that they will only be operating patch sessions when they reopen on the 25th. Anthony sent me a message with all the details, and explaining how the lessons could work. I'm really worried as I don't like the sound of it! Patch is only for Bronze and up skaters, and I'm definitely not at that level any more. He also wouldn't be stood on the ice itself with me, but behind the barrier. I have asked to be considered for one lesson if he has space, but I'd much rather start my lessons with him back up on public ice as they were before.

The second news is that they are hoping to bring back group lessons from September 14th! I am especially excited about this, but trying not to get my hopes up too much as I'm used to the disappointment of having things cancelled last minute.

Saturday 22nd August
Public Skate

I’M BACK BABY! What a wonderful day! Everything is back, with my spins and jumps even better than ever! I even attempted spirals and felt like they went quite well. It seems like the risk of smashing into concrete on my off-ice skates has really helped improve my confidence now I’m back on the ice! I also wore my leotard and Roaring Mouse chiffon skirt and that helped too! I spent the 10am-11:30am session on my own just getting a feel for things again, then at 12:00pm Shigh joined me for her first time back on the ice. In an annoying turn of events she actually ended up getting locked out of the building, and me being unable to look for her as she had the locker keys! So the majority of that session was actually wasted. BUT I am feeling so positive! So full of motivation and hope and inspiration. I can’t wait for my lesson tomorrow. 

Sunday 23rd August
Level 8 & Passport ‘Refresher’ Lesson

Well, what goes up must come down I suppose. I am absolutely furious at what transpired this morning at Planet Ice. I booked a ‘Level 8 & Passport’ lesson online for 9am. I arrived to be told that “we don’t do that” after Adi driving me there for nearly two hours! Ooh I was so mad, but the sour-faced receptionist clearly couldn’t be bothered to do anything other than try and send us (Shigh came too) away until she called another (more helpful) colleague over. It was then decided we would stay for the two Skate Excellence sessions that morning and would be allowed on the public session afterwards. Skate Excellence - What a farce! The coach had absolutely no interest in listening to our explanation of why we were in the lesson, once again “we don’t do that” seemed to be phrase of the day (you SHOULD be doing that if it was available to book online!) and we were made to take part in the biggest waste of half an hour since time began. A bit dramatic, but it really was bloody awful and I will be sending a full email with a complaint tomorrow. 

In more positive news, I have booked my first ever patch lesson with Anthony for Thursday, and Jack showed me how to jump a Toeloop, which I am looking forward to working on!

Tuesday 25th August
iceSheffield Opening Day
Eeeeeeeek iceSheffield opens today!! I've booked my Patch slot for Thursday and spoke to Anthony about how it's going to run. I'm so excited but so absolutely nervous too. My slot is booked from 6:20pm to 7:40pm so I'm planning on staying the entire time so I can get as much use out of it as possible. I'm really worried about going on Patch, but he's assured me that it's only going to be low level skaters that day.

Thursday 27th August
Private Lesson
I did it!! I had my first lesson back, and it was wonderful! I did the best spins I've ever done, regained my edges and knee-bend, and practiced spirals and drags too. It went so quickly though, 25 minutes is definitely not enough. I wore my brand new Mondor outfit too - I bought the leggings in a size Large hoping they'd be big enough, they're actually a little too big (but they still look really nice.) I had a really great time and I've ordered a little present for Anthony to say thank you. I'm not sure when my next lesson will be, but hopefully ASAP!

Saturday 29th August
Public Skate
Biiiiig mistake! Chav central! Had no idea that the 4pm slot would be like a youth club. Only stayed 45 minutes as it was absolutely heaving with teens (I was definitely the only person over 16) and there was no chance of getting anything done.

Sunday 30th August
Public Skate
What an absolutely wonderful day! I haven't had so much fun in such a long time. I booked the 10am and 12pm sessions at The Dome, expecting to be on my own for the 10am session as Shigh couldn't make it that early, however Katie and Dani were there too. I haven't spent much time with them before so I didn't know if they'd want to join me or just skate on their own, but we all stuck together and had a brilliant time. They are both SO NICE and we had a lot of fun. They really helped me feel more confident too, encouraging me to try new things. It wasn't very busy either, so there was lots of room for drags and spirals. 

Shigh joined us for the 12pm session where it did get a lot busier, but it was just so much fun and really great to be in a group environment again. Katie showed me how to do a Teapot, although I spent a lot more time on my bum than I did actually in the position. My thighs are killing now! I've never really 'fallen over' before so it also felt good to knowing I was trying (even if it did give me a cold bum.) Awesome news too, my spins keep improving every day! We weren't allowed to film properly, however Shigh did capture one good one (but not my best one) for me which is here on Instagram.

After the session we all went to McDonalds and had a right good chat and a laugh for hours. I will definitely make more effort to join in with them again in the future. It's time I stopped being so shy and started including myself in the fun!

Monday 31st August
I got some bad news today. Due to circumstances, Anthony is having to isolate for two weeks, which means no lessons for me. He's suggested I find a temporary coach in the meantime, or to do whatever is best for me. I don't mind waiting, I've waited long enough! But it's just a real shame. I hope he can be back in time for the group lessons to start up again. A disappointing way to end the month of 'my glorious return!'

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