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November 2020 - Short but bittersweet

In November I hit 50% Freeskating completion, learned the Rhythm Blues dance, and spent an evening twirling with my friends before Lockdown 2.0 hit.

Sunday 1st October
Private Lesson
The news broke last night that we are going back into lockdown from Thursday. Although we all knew it was coming, I am absolutely heartbroken. I explained to Anthony that I was feeling very sensitive today, so we had a really great lesson that didn't dwell on anything. We did start with a little bit of Spinning, and I did sort-of okay. We then moved onto more of a theory lesson, and he taught me about Brackets, Counters and Rocker turns. I did them on two feet, but I'm looking forward to learning them properly, especially after doing 'Power Rockers' which seems like it'll be a good warm up. We finished the lesson with learning the steps to the Rhythm Blues, which is the second of the compulsory dances for NISA 1 (the Foxtrot is the first, which I've already learned) and practicing getting up from forward and backward Teapots. He was very impressed with my Teapot! I had a really lovely lesson, and these next 4 weeks are going to be hard without them.

Monday 2nd October
Skate UK Star - Silver Free Skating
My last Skate UK lesson for 4 weeks and I decided to start Silver. Unfortunately, it was a bit of a bust. The warm-up went well, I held my longest ever forward and backward Teapots, which I was very happy with. Almost the entire lesson after that we were left to spin. I ended up having a chat with Lucy and Lauren about Netflix shows instead, as the ice really is foul and useless by the time it's our lesson. Although we did finish strong, I demonstrated by Backwards Crossovers into Landing Position for Rebecca, who then signed them off for me (even on my left!) so that was a nice note to end the lesson on. I am now 50% of the way through Freeskating, and I am so proud of myself to say I've only had 8 lessons on it.

Wednesday 4th November
Final Skate
What a wonderful, wonderful night. I have had the most fantastic time. I met Shigh, Ami-Lee and Anthi at the rink and we had the best evening of skating around and spinning and taking LOTS of photos and videos. I can't really put it into words. It was just lovely to spend that time with them. I know the photos we took will get me through the next few weeks. I also wore my new purple dress which had arrived just in time, I'm so glad as it's GORGEOUS. We all looked spectacular and received compliments all night.

We were the ice princesses.

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