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Skating in 2020 - Did I achieve my goals?

This feels like  really weird post to be writing. It took me a long while before I dared take a look back at last year's half-forgotten goals. Due to the global pandemic (yawn), I was only on-ice for January, February and half of March initially. I managed to return to the ice on 15th August with my lessons starting up again mid-September. In October I treated myself to a pair of new boots from Al's Skate Shop (read all about that) then on the 4th November, that knobhead Boris decided to plunge us into another national lockdown.

It was only supposed to be another month off the ice, easy-peasy after the previous five. But then the geniuses in parliament decided that adult skaters don't matter and we have remained banned from skating through tier 3, 4 and now into another lockdown. As I write this, it has been a solid 114 days without skating. Half the time of the previous break (although it's looking to be the same length of time, if not longer) and yet much more unbearable due to the time of year and less things to entertain myself with.

I am slowly getting to my point... After all that time away I realised that there was no possible way I could have achieved any of my goals I'd set out for the year. I forced myself to read back through them, and ended up surprised that despite all the setback, I had actually achieved the vast majority of what I wanted to do in 2020.

Here's the lowdown...

Pass Skate UK Star Bronze in Ice Dancing
I ended up passing both Bronze and Silver Ice Dance during an intensive day in January 2020. I scraped through on my spirals, but since getting my new boots in October they massively improved, and I had this confirmed on an Intensive Day not long after.

Get the splits
I got my front right split and lost it again quite a few times during lockdown, when there wasn't anything else to do but stretch and take part in Kelly's off-ice classes. It's not currently consistent, but without the time spent in lockdown I don't think I would have achieved it at all.

Recover my Spin / Outside Edge
I completely lost my outside edges and spins when I moved from Graf 500s to Edea Chorus. Unfortunately, they stayed lost until I realised that those boots were just not meant for me at all. Prior to lockdown 2.0, I was actually working on learning to spin the opposite way to which I had been doing before. Scary stuff, but my progress was very promising (although probably gone now.)

Enter a SSJ competition
I signed up! Anthony even devised a program for me which I was really enjoying. Then the organisers decided to cancel the competition as a precaution (even though we weren't even in lockdown yet...) and it's been cancelled again twice since. 

Buy a pretty comp dress
I now own FAR TOO MANY skating dresses! I had one custom made for me in February 2020 in preparation for the competiton, however as I kept losing weight and getting bored, I ended up purchasing a few more from eBay. There's a really fun video of me trying them on here.

Learn Backwards Crossrolls
One of my few elements left on Gold Dance, and one I didn't even get round to working on!

Learn a Teapot / Shoot The Duck
I expected to find this REALLY difficult, however after a few disastrous first tries, it's now one of my favourite party tricks. I can get incredibly low in it, but can't always get back up again!

Take part in the Christmas show
Cancelled again, naturally.

Learn single jumps
I was very afraid of jumping for most of 2019, and 2020 wasn't massively different, however I did pass my Waltz jump and started working on my Salchow!

So there we have it! I was genuinely shocked to see just how much I really did achieve after such a short time actually skating, and I feel a little less worried now for when I finally get to go back again.

Fingers crossed it's soon!

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