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May 2021 - Let's do this!

In May I switched my group lessons to an earlier time, took part in a water photoshoot, and caught my skating skills back up to where they should be.

Monday 17th May
Skate UK Star - Silver Ice Dance
I had a really, really enjoyable first lesson back! As the Adults classes were continuing to stay at 8:55pm, I made the decision to move my lessons to the 5:45pm slot with the children. I don't really mind skating on my own with a bunch of kids - I'm used to it from the Intensive days really. It did irritate me a little just how naughty some of them were, and how they didn't want to listen, but overall the lesson was really structured and I appreciated the rigidity of it, much more so than the often haphazard Adults ones. 

It felt strange being thrown straight back into a lesson environment (obviously the children had all had lessons since April so there was no 'introduction' back to the ice) but I was genuinely shocked just how easily I slipped back into it all. I did start getting nervous the faster I got when practicing progressive runs, but quickly got over it and started to enjoy the feeling. 

I was glad that I'd decided to move back down to Silver so that I could have some familiarity again (I couldn't bring myself to restart right from Bronze, so Silver was a safe bet!) and I was glad to learn that I'd re-passed my Progressives by the end of the lesson, and everything else was on 'Fair' or 'Good' (even the 7-step sequence, which I'd barely passed the first time around.) I feel really proud of myself to have got to that in my first lesson after 6 months. It was also really nice to not already be tired by the time I got there, and I also absolutely love being able to view my progress in the online portal. I'm so looking forward to next week!

Saturday 22nd May
Ultimate Skating Image Photoshoot
Today I had a water photoshoot with Ultimate Skating Image! It was absolutely amazing, and you can read all about it in detail by heading over to my full review post.

Monday 26th May
Skate UK Star - Silver Ice Dance
Another brilliant lesson, my skills are starting to return pretty fast. This week I passed my backwards chasses and my backwards runs on one side, I'd just cracked the motion of it on the other side by the end of the lesson, so I'm sure I'll get it next week. I'm on 88% now on the progress portal, from 58% last week, with my Twizzles and 7-step sequence on 'Good' still.

One thing that's shocked me is just how exhausting skating is. I can barely make it twice around the circle before I'm having to stop for a rest. I've been trying very hard to keep up my fitness levels, but I don't think any amount of cardio could have prepared me for this!

One thing I'm worried about is passing out of Silver too quickly. I am really enjoying myself, and I'm worried about going back into Gold. I don't want to get through everything too quickly and have to go back to the Adults Advanced classes, because I really do not enjoy them at all.

Friday 28th May
Public Skate - The Dome
An absolutely fab first time back at the Dome. It was so lovely to see Shigh! As it opened today for the first time, the 6pm session was absolutely rammed, but we still had a really great time just messing around, dodging public skaters and trying to spin/drag/jump in the gaps! I was glad to see it so busy, as it meant it stayed feasible for it opening again in future. Not much else to report! Couldn't even take many photos as they're a bit funny about it there, but still all good.

Sunday 30th May
Private Lesson
I had my first lesson back with Anthony and it went really well! We started with going over Forward and Backward Runs, only a few tips for forward, and a bit of help on backwards. I feel confident I'll pass off the remaining side tomorrow. We also had a lot of practice on Twizzles, and I'm nearly back to my double Twizzle on my right side, currently at 1 3/4 rotations! Just can't get that final bit. By focusing on trying to do doubles, my singles on my left are becoming stronger, so I reckon I'll pass them off too.

We spent a bit of time learning to properly spin left, entirely from the beginning. I really hate putting my weight in my left foot, it just doesn't feel natural at all, even when lunging. I can't even drag on my left, and I think I've pulled my knee from trying (oops.) Still, I want to learn so hopefully I'll be able to pick it up soon.

A really good lesson, I'd missed Anthony lots. It also felt like I'm pretty much back to where I was before any lockdowns now, and focusing on learning new things rather than catching up. Which is great!

Monday 31st May
Skate UK Star - Silver Ice Dance
Agh! A rubbish end to the month. Had to cancel my group lesson as I haven't been very well today. Really disappointing after how well my lesson went yesterday but it can't be helped. Roll on June!

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