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My 2021 skating goals

The start of 2021 was a pretty bleak time. We were in the middle of a third national lockdown with absolutely no idea when we would be returning to normal life, let alone the ice rinks. A lot of people were staying positive, setting themselves goals for the New Year, whilst I took a different approach. I was absolutely certain that I would not be setting any (skating) goals for the year ahead, and went pretty in-depth on the reasons why in this post. TL;DR - I didn't want to set myself up for failure or a timeline that I had no idea if I could achieve.

However... I've changed my mind! I've had a really strong return back to skating and despite only 6 months left of 2021, I'm finally feeling positive enough to set myself some small, achievable goals. So here they are!

Mid Term Goals

Aiming to achieve within the next 6 months

Take part in the Christmas Show
One from 2020... The show was cancelled last year, but I've already sent in my application for this year!

Take part in an SSJ competition
Again, a leftover from 2020. This is a bit scary now as I've passed Bronze Free, so I would have to do a Salchow instead of a Waltz jump. Which leads me to my next goal...

Land my Salchow and Toeloop
I just started working on these jumps last weeks, so I would love to be able to get them strong and dynamic!

Pass Gold Dance
This was one of my long-term goals from starting skating, so I'm feeling proper emosh that I'll most likely achieve it within the next 6 months (I actually just properly passed Bronze Free which was a goal in this post, and yes it did indeed feel as awesome as I'd hoped all that time ago!)

Learn a Camel, Sit, or Back Spin
I'm probably getting ahead of myself as I only just figured out spinning on my left foot, however I would now like to at least learn a different kind of spin. Note I say learn, I don't mind if it's not brilliant as long as I tried!

I reckon that's enough to be focusing on for the latter half of the year! Wish me luck...

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