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July 2021 - Fun, falls & the fourteenstep

In July I defeated the Outside Open Mohawk, had a lot of fun at a Ladies Only session, and learned two pairs dances.

Thursday 1st July
Public Skate - The Dome
Note to self, do NOT skate in jeans ever again!! Me and Adi stayed in Doncaster last night after gong out for dinner, so I thought it would be fun to go to the Dome this morning. It wasn't overly busy, despite being a Saturday, but it was near impossible to skate in my jeans! Weird to think I would wear them quite often when I first started as I didn't like leggings.

Sunday 4th July
Private Lesson
I swear if I don't get this Mohawk for the 9-Step I am going to go insane. I don't know why I just can't do it! I keep hoping it'll just 'come' in time. Thankfully, that seems to have happened for my Back Crossrolls, and they went pretty well today! Even did a little squeal when I realised I could do them. Runs and Slip Chasses all fine, just need to work on the extension on the clockwise ones. Double Twizzles have returned!!! I was so worried that I'd lost them on Thursday but safe to say they're back. We very briefly went over the Toeloop jump at the end of the lesson, I thought I was getting the hang of it but maybe not! I might buy some crash shorts as I think it's just fright holding me back on jumping now. After lesson I was just chatting with Melissa, and had a go at a Backspin. Somehow it actually went pretty well? Wasn't expecting that, so was a nice addition!

Monday 5th July
Skate UK Star Gold Dance
So tonight was a really, really bad lesson. I thought it was going to be a good one after how well my lessons with Anthony went yesterday, but unfortunately not. I'm pretty upset over it actually.

We started with back crossrolls. Now these went really well yesterday, and did so in the practice tonight. However as soon as it was time to be assessed, it was like my legs didn't work anymore! It was annoying, but wasn't too bad. The real problem came next when we moved onto the 9-Step routine. I just CANNOT get it. I'm not even close with the stupid Mohawk. Again, these weren't great yesterday but they had a little potential, all gone now. Because of this I was thrown off for the rest of the lesson and I completely threw my double Twizzles. I couldn't do them in the slightest. I was so upset and frustrated.

The only thing I was capable of was the Slip Chasses, and they'd already been signed off, and the Foxtrot. I have absolutely NO idea why that isn't being signed off. It's so stressful knowing that I can do these things but not showing it when I need to. I feel even worse as I won't be able to redeem myself next week as it's my dad's birthday so I'm missing the lesson. I'm going to have a small break, no more skating until Sunday, and see how I feel.

Sunday 11th July
Private Lesson
Today's lesson was a real breath of fresh air! As I'm not at the group lesson tomorrow, I asked Anthony if we could just do some fun things instead. We went through a bunch of different drags and knee slides, then had a go at some hydroglides and spreads. My favourite was finally having a go at the 'spider' lunge, I've put a video up here. I had such a fun time! We finished the lesson with a little starter on a Backspin, and I'm looking forward to working on it more when I finish Dance. Lessons like this remind me why I love skating so much.

Monday 12th July
Skate UK Star Gold Dance - Cancelled
No lesson tonight as it's my dad's birthday! Takeaway for meeeee

Thursday 15th July
Public Skate - The Dome
I swear I am getting more and more angry at The Dome. They just cannot be bothered to resurface for the 6pm session, and so they just leave it in the hopes nobody will notice. Well at £7 a visit, I definitely am noticing! I have sent in a proper complaint as it's ruined our evening AGAIN. I was so looking forward to tonight after such a fun time on Sunday and no lesson Monday. I wanted to show Shigh the spider lunge but I would have ripped myself to shreds on that ice.

Saturday 17th July
This Girl Can - iceSheffield
I had an absolutely fab time tonight!! iceSheffield put on a Ladies Only session in support of This Girl Can, so I went along with Shigh. It was really great to not having any hockey skaters getting in the way or making a nuisance of themselves. We had a load of fun just messing around with knee slides and drags, and got loads of video and photos. I wore my new crash skirts along with my kneepads and Sleek Edge legwarmers, and they really helped in terms of confidence. 

Sunday 18th July
Private Lesson - Cancelled
No lesson with Anthony today as it's my uncle's engagement party!

Monday 19th July
Skate UK Star Gold Dance
Breakthrouuuuggghhhh!! Omg I'm so happy I could squeal. I was just complaining to Lucy that I would never get these horrible Mohawks, when I then instantly did one! I was able to do the 9-step a few times through, and showed Anthony at the end. It has now been marked as 'Good' - I'm nearly there! I really hope to pass it next week before I go on holiday. Fingers crossed! I also passed my Foxtrot tonight, yay! Everything else is on 'Good' (my Twizzles totally disappeared) and I'm on 88% completion. I reckon just a little more knee-bend on the crossrolls, more confidence on the Mohawk, and more consistency on the Twizzles and I'll be there!

Wednesday 21st July
Public Skate - Planet Ice Leeds
I'll get the grumpy bit out of the way first! As a result of me complaining about The Dome not resurfacing, they've made the decision to simply cancel all of the 6pm sessions for the foreseeable future. I'm so angry and upset at their sheer laziness and stupidity.

On a brighter note, we made the last-minute decision to try out Planet Ice Leeds again (despite vowing to never return, lol.) I had fun, but never felt totally comfortable the entire time I was there. The ice was also wrecked after about half an hour as the pad is so much smaller than Sheffield with less space for the blue-skates-brigade to meander around. I don't think I'll make a habit of going there, however me and Shigh are interested in trying our their Show & Skate classes on a Monday night once I pass Gold Dance (something that's becoming increasingly likely after lots of practice on the 9-Step tonight! Video here)

Sunday 25th July
Private Lesson
My last private lesson of the month before I go on holiday and I had SUCH a great time! We worked through all the things I had left on Gold (Double Twizzles, 9-step and Back Crossrolls) and as part of practicing the 9-Step Anthony showed me the proper Fourteenstep dance, and omg it was brilliant. I enjoyed it so much and found it so exciting. It's shown me that ice dance really is what I want to do in the future, especially with a partner. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and even though I struggle with remembering steps a little bit, it went right the majority of the time. We also went through the Riverside Rhumba which I found harder, but was still really good fun! I'm really looking forward to finishing Star now, after stressing out about it a bit last week. I'm definitely going to ask if we can do it again in the future, but no lessons for 2 weeks now.

Monday 26th July
Skate UK Star Gold Dance - Passed?
I'll admit, I was secretly hoping that I'd pass all of Gold Dance tonight before my holiday, and I kind of did?? Back Crossrolls at the start went really well, followed by the 9-Step which I was really happy with! I'm so glad I've finally figured that one out. Quick run-through the foxtrot, then onto Double Twizzles. Now these I really struggled with, and when I wasn't called over at the end with the girls who had one thing left, I figured I'd failed those and probably my 9-step too. Imagine my confusion when I'm taking my skates off and check my online progress - EVERYTHING had been passed except my Crossrolls?? The one thing I was absolutely certain of. I'm sure there was some oversight or mistake, but it upset me a bit, and now I'm really confused about where I stand, and why they didn't call me over if I only had those left? Who knows, but in my eyes I've passed. I'm definitely not coming back 3 weeks later just to show them my Crossrolls!

Tuesday 27th July
Skate UK Star Silver Free Skating
Hmmmmmm. Kinda wish I hadn't come tonight. I think I finished for holiday on quite a sour note! I rang up earlier today and asked if I could change my lessons to Freeskating, having finished Dance for all intents and purposes. I went along, and didn't have a very good time. The Zamboni had broken, and so the ice hadn't been resurfaced from the previous lessons. This meant I simply couldn't spin, and I really struggled with everything else too (fell on a Teapot and it hurt quite a bit.) The one thing that cheered me up a bit was that Anthony was teaching the lesson, so that helped me not feel as bad about things. I had been planning to show someone my back Crossrolls to get them properly signed off, but nobody was available at the end of the lesson. A bit upset, but I know I can do it and it isn't my fault that it wasn't recognised. I've ordered my certificate and will have it signed off as a formality on the intensive day.

A sad end to a month filled with so much fun, but I'm staying positive for August!

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