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October 2021 - A birthday ice princess!

In October I started skating regularly during the week, had my 24th birthday, and achieved my first Biellmann position off-ice.

I stopped properly keeping a diary (purely due to laziness!) so I'm going to fill in the blanks a little!

Wednesday 6th October
Birthday party!
The day before my birthday I went to pizza hut with a group of my skating friends! I'd had a photoshoot during the day, so my makeup was all done, and I wore a new pale blue dress I'd bought especially for the occasion.

Thursday 7th October
My birthday!
For my actual birthday Adi took me to TGI Fridays during the day, then in the afternoon I dressed up as a birthday ice princess in a sparkly pink dress with a rose gold sash and tiara! I met Shigh at The Dome and we had a really fun time. The lads that work there played Taylor Swift songs for me, which was sweet of them.

Saturday 16th October
Flexibility Masterclass
On the 16th I attended a flexibility masterclass run by Kelly at iceSheffield. I really enjoyed it, even if it did knacker my legs for about a week afterwards. I achieved my first ever Biellmann position, which was an amazing achievement and one I've never properly tried before.

Sunday 31st October
Halloween skate
I met Shigh at The Dome for a Halloween skate! I wore a spooky Hell Bunny dress and cat ears, and Shigh was dressed as a witch. The ice quality was absolutely horrible, as we've come to expect from the dome, but we had a nice time and went out for dinner and to TK Maxx afterwards.

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