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2021 skating goals - Review & reflection

Well, it seems like this post has come around extremely fast! Given I only wrote my 2021 goals in June, I've had barely 6 months to achieve them! But wow what a brilliant 6 months it's been.

To recap, my 2021 goals were the following;

  • Take part in the Christmas show
  • Land my Salchow & Toeloop
  • Pass Gold Dance
  • Learn a Camel, Sit, or Back Spin
And I'm absolutely blown away to say I'd cracked them all by the end of September! Which is extremely cool. Upon looking back, as soon as I got back from my holiday in early August I was at it with a real passion. (Typically I was too lazy to actually update my blog during that time)

Take part in the Christmas show
I started the rehearsals for the Christmas show in September and truly enjoyed the whole experience. By the time December came around, I was absolutely knackered from the 6am starts but absolutely loved every minute of the show weekend and I wish I could do it all over again!

Land my Salchow & Toeloop
I passed my least favourite jump, the Salchow, in August and was straight on with learning the Toeloop. I struggled with the mechanics a little at first, but as soon I figured out the mechanics of pulling the foot back and crossing over I managed to nail it enough to pass Gold Freeskating. Honestly I'm happy enough to never jump again after that.

Pass Gold Dance
Not only did I pass Gold Dance in August, by the end of September I'd passed all of Freeskating too! This opened up the possibility of skating on Patch sessions. I've only had one lesson on Patch since then, but it was so much more enjoyable than trying to find space on a public session.

Learn a Camel, Sit, or Back Spin
No sit spins or camels, but I have managed to conjure up an (extremely) basic backspin!

I'm really thrilled with how these goals ended up overall. I was really reluctant in setting them, but I think I might have actually gone too easy on myself! I'm currently plotting my ideas for this year, and I'm truly looking forward to a 2022 filled with skating!

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