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January 2022 - Things can only get better

In January I set new goals, prepared for my Level 1 tests, and sprained my knee!
Monday 3rd January
Public Skate - The Dome
HAPPY NEW YEAR! A new year with new goals (of which you can read all about) and today was my first skate of 2022. It wasn't exactly awesome, being only at The Dome on a pretty busy public session, but I enjoyed it all the same! I've booked my first lesson back for the year to be on Patch on Thursday, so I'm really looking forward to that.

Wednesday 5th January
Public Skate - iceSheffield
A decent couple of sessions back at Sheffield today! I wore my new dress my parents gave me for Christmas to mark the occasion. The first session I'm guilty of mainly messing about and chatting, but on the second session I got through a good few run-throughs of both the Foxtrot and the Rhythm Blues and practiced my spinning. It's getting better again, but is very inconsistent. I struggle with remembering to pull my foot to my calf instead of having it sticking out the back, but every so often I'll do a good one. One of my goals for this year is 6 revolutions in a spin, so i really need to nail the technique to get there. I will get there!

Thursday 6th January
Private Lesson
AMAZING news! Anthony told me in my lesson today that he reckons I'll be ready to submit my test papers in 3 weeks, for both level 1 Pattern Dance and Skills! I'm so excited! These were my YEARLY goals, let alone in the first couple of months in 2022. I had a really good lesson and I know exactly what I need to work on for the next few weeks to get me to that point. I feel confident with my Foxtrot and Rhythm Blues so I'm sure they'll be fine, and for Skills I really need to become comfortable with the mohawk for both the landing position and crossover exercises, so I think I'll have those down too. We're also going to start soon on my Free Dance routine. I'm so looking forward to this being an amazing year.

Saturday 7th January
HORRIBLE news. Heartbreaking, ugly, terrible news. I can't believe the contrast of today compared to less than 48 hours ago. I've sprained my knee. Badly. I was extremely lucky not to dislocate it or tear my ACL. I'm currently on crutches with a leg brace, and I have no idea when I'll be able to skate again (I will be able to skate again. The nurse took great pains to assure me of that when I wouldn't stop crying.)

I wish I could write that I did it doing something cool, but all that happened was that I went to The Dome on my own to see what the 2pm session was like, had a really good practice session, went from a spiral down into a drag, and then it's as if my memory completely cuts out. I have no idea what happened. The last thing I remember was being on the ice, totally unable to move my leg for a good minute. Eventually the feeling came back and I was able to be assisted off the ice and drive home, but this morning I couldn't walk and had to go to A&E.

I feel absolutely crushed. My hopes of putting those test papers in so soon have gone completely out the window. I want to (and have) scream and cry and cry and cry and kick myself. I feel so stupid, but I wasn't messing around or being silly. It was a freak accident, yet I hate myself for even going as I never go to that 2pm session. 

A week into the new year and I've already ruined it. Surely things can only get better from here.

Wednesday 12th January
Today is the first day that I’m starting to feel ‘better’ I can walk almost normally without limping (it is still very tight and uncomfortable to do so) and I’ve made it up the stairs properly, instead of side stepping. I started doing some physio I found online yesterday, and it went extremely well. I was even able to sleep with my leg a little bit bent last night. 

I’m trying my best to stay as positive as I can, given the situation. I have a proper appointment with a specialist a week tomorrow, but honestly I was hoping to have healed it myself by then! I can’t gauge when I’ll be back skating, and I’m a bit scared of going back to be honest, but I know if I look after myself I can do it. 

Friday 21st January
I had an appointment with the specialist today, followed by a visit to the physiotherapist. Everything is looking pretty good currently, and I've formed a plan to return to my group lessons on the 31st. The doctor told me it was due to being hypermobile, and that it would always be an advantage for flexibility in skating, but would also always pose a risk.

The physio noticed how I had already been doing some exercises myself, and has given me some more to make use of. They both recommended another 2 weeks off, but based on today I reckon I really will be back before the month is over.

Monday 31st January
Group lesson - Adults Advanced
Well, I did it! I went back to my first group lesson since the accident. I can't believe it's 'only' been three weeks, it felt almost longer than any lockdowns. I was really anxious about the whole thing, but all things considered it went extremely well! I didn't try any three turns as I felt like the twisting movement was asking for trouble, but everything else was fantastic. I was mainly worried about how much I may had hindered my Field Moves by, but genuinely there was nothing to worry about. 

The lesson itself was mainly focussed on the Level Field Moves which I thought was really kind of Anthony (assuming he had done it on my account and not just as part of his lesson plan, lol) so I really appreciated getting straight back into it. I even did a really great landing position on that left leg, which I was especially nervous for, but it went very well. All around it was a brilliant first lesson back, and I'm so glad I made it before January was over!

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