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My 2022 skating goals

I left 2021 in such a good place. I'd passed all of Skate UK Star, started on my Level 1 Skills and Pattern Dances, and was consistently having fun and productive lessons, both in group and private training. 

I don't want to jinx it, but I'm hoping that 2022 may finally be the year I get a full 12 months of skating! And therefore I need some juicy goals to go with it.

I'm not breaking them down into short or long term this time, as I truthfully have no idea how to gauge how long some things may take. But I'm really excited to give all of them a go!

2022 Goals

Pass Level 1 Pattern Dance
Starting with the one I'm most excited for, I am thoroughly enjoying my first two pattern dances and I am eagerly awaiting testing these. The two dances for level 1 consist of the Novice Foxtrot and the Rhythm Blues.

Pass Level 1 Skills
The new version of Field Moves, I wasn't keen on these at first, but in my last lesson with Anthony I really started to like these! The number one reason they're on my list to achieve is so that I can take part in one of Kelly's Ultimate Showgirl camps.

Pass Level 2 Pattern Dance
This one is a bit more out-there as I've only just started learning the Canasta Tango and Dutch Waltz required for level two, but I reckon I can get through them before the year is up.

Triple Twizzles on both feet
It's definitely the both part I'm going to struggle with here! I'm going to need to be disciplined to make sure I practice each side equally, and don't just favour my right.

Consistent 6 revolutions on an upright spin
My love/hate relationship with spinning continues! In 2021 I had a real breakthrough with it; learning to spin on my left foot with a proper entry. I can often get four revs, so I'd love to get a consistent six (any more and I'm likely to throw up lol.)

There we have it! I'm sure I'll end up adding to and revising this list along the way, as well as setting smaller, short-term goals from month to month, but these are my 'big' goals for 2022. I'm excited to get to work on them!

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