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September 2021 - The end of one chapter

In September I discovered my true love for Ice Dance, started rehearsals for the Christmas show, and completed Skate UK Star
Sunday 5th September
Private Lesson
I am really starting to enjoy my Sunday lessons. I've always loved my lessons with Anthony, but they're on a new level now that we're starting on my BIS Dances. I don't know what it is about them, but I just find them so much fun and a lovely treat at the end of the lesson once we've finished working on Backspin and Toeloop. I'm starting to get somewhere with the Backspin at least! I have a good entry edge now, and I 'feather' my Toeloop at least once every 10 times, so that's a start. We also briefly went through the start of the Field Moves, starting with the forward inside and outside edges, but the session got so busy that we had to stop. Instead we started two new pattern dances that I'd never done before! The Canasta Tango and the Dutch Waltz from level 2. I've already forgotten the steps by the time I'm writing this, but I'm looking forward to learning them properly.

Tuesday 7th September
Skate UK Star - Gold Free Skating
That's it, I'm quitting group lessons. I'm not enjoying them in the slightest. I'm happy now to just focus on my pattern dances, and maybe book an intensive day to try and finish gold whenever they next have one. It's a shame to quit when I'm so close (71%!), but tonight seemed like an absolute waste of time. I spent the majority of it chatting with Karen as there was just far too many people in our group to be able to practice properly. It wasn't safe to do the routine, and my backspin and toeloop are basically impossible no matter how many times I try and correct what I'm doing wrong. It feels like everything I do with Anthony on a Sunday gets undone on a Tuesday. I've paid for this month so I'll finish it, but I won't pay for October.

Sunday 12th September
Private Lesson
I love it. I love it so much. Ice dance really is for me. I love it more every week. I have so much fun in my lessons now we're focusing on pattern dances, I really really enjoy them more than anything I've done up until this point. This week we started off with a little practice on field moves (specifically backwards edges) and then moved onto the Foxtrot. We went through a few of the different holds, and I made a huge amount of progress on my Killian hold between the start and the end of the lesson. I think Anthony was proud of me too. I'm learning how to position my shoulders and move my body behind and in front, and everything just feels right. I'm so happy to have discovered this at last!!!

Tuesday 14th September
Skate UK Star - Gold Free Skating
Isn't it weird how as soon as I decided I was done with Free, I have a really good lesson? I worked in a smaller group on my Toeloop with Alison coaching and it was extremely helpful to me to physically go through it step-by-step rather than the "just do this!" coaching style that I sometimes struggle with. Backspin is sort-of getting there. It's my arms that pull me off balance, but I just can't figure them out right now, but it'll come. My routine is going okay as well, I'm finally starting to be able to remember it. It's just so hard with so many kids around. I'm now on 82% with my Backspin on 'Fair' and my Toeloop and routine on 'Good.' I would ideally like to pass everything by the end of the month so I don't have to pay for October, but if not I'd like to pass by my birthday. I won't stress myself though, and would be happy enough to book the intensive day at the end of October to work on it too.

Wednesday 15th September
Christmas Show Rehearsal
I'm so excited!!! I really enjoyed my first Christmas show rehearsal. Despite it nearly killing me to get up at 4:45am, I was on such a hype until I crashed around 11am. It was painful, but it's going to be so worth it. Our first routine we are learning is from the second half of the show and we're doing Disco Inferno as a nod to being the 'fire spirits' from Frozen 2. It's going to be awesome. I hope we have fiery red costumes and red lipstick as it will look SO good.

Thursday 16th September
Public Skate - The Dome
Thursdays evenings are back!! It was so great to be able to meet up with Shigh again for McDonalds and skating. I'd missed it SO much. We had a really fun time tonight. I did some truly fantastic spins (no videos though of course...) and we worked a little bit on the start of our Christmas show routine. It seems that since I've stopped stressing about Freeskating and have channelled all my energy into Dance that things are naturally getting better without me thinking about them? Either that or all the focus on backspin has naturally made a normal spin easier, as these things do sometimes. Whichever it was, I had such a great time, despite it not being resurfaced (but wasn't anywhere near as bad as it has been in the past.) 

It's such a good feeling to be the best person on the ice, which obviously I never experience at iceSheffield. But The Dome has just such a chilled and fun atmosphere that I never appreciated how much I love it there until it was gone.

Sunday 19th September
Private Lesson
I'm beginning to sound like a broken record at this point, but once again I really enjoyed my lesson! We went through both the Foxtrot and the Rhythm Blues for the majority of the lesson. I have such a terrible memory that I'd completely forgotten the steps to the Blues despite only watching a YouTube video on it last Friday, but hopefully they're going to stick now! I feel like I'm making a lot of progress with my body positions, which is good. I do keep having daft moments, but overall it's going really well and I am very excited for testing the pattern dances.

Starting on Free Dance, Anthony started teaching me a Twizzle sequence. It isn't actually needed until Level 4, but may as well get a start on these things early. I managed to get back my double Twizzles pretty quickly, and I learned a back Twizzle too. My sequence is 1.5 forward Twizzles on my left, then ideally 2 back Twizzles on my right. I'm really looking forward to working on them and I seemed to pick them up pretty quickly,

The final 5 minutes we had a look at my backspin. It's so nearly there, I just need to be brave and stand up as straight as possible into that right hip and not lean forwards, whilst pulling my arms in. We'll see how it goes Tuesday! I really need to try and get some videos of these things soon, I hate not being able to 'see' what I'm learning.

Tuesday 28th September
Skate UK Star - Gold Free Skating
I haven't been keeping up with my blog for the last couple of weeks as it's really been much of the same - loving my Dance lessons, struggling with Backspins. However Tonight i am so excited to say I have PASSED all of Gold Freeskating, which means that my time on Skate UK Star is done and dusted! I am so excited for the next chapter in my skating journey!

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