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February 2022 - Three years of skating!

I spent February playing catch-up after returning to the ice from spraining my knee
Friday 4th February
My 3rd skating anniversary!
Today is my 3rd skating anniversary and I have had such a fun day! With it being only my second time back on the ice after my accident (which coincidentally was a month ago to this today) I felt really anxious returning to the scene of the crime, so my dad drove me to the Dome and spectated. I had a really great time! I wore my sparkly purple dress for the occasion as I hadn't worn it out until now. It's a little small for me, but I didn't notice while I was on the ice. I got absolutely wet through as I was messing around doing teapots and trying to stand up from them without falling down. Needless to say I fell down a lot. My dad was in stitches, it was really nice to have him there as he doesn't come to see me skate a lot. He took some nice photos and videos of me too. Tomorrow we are having a little party teatime to celebrate the anniversary. I love celebrating milestones and feel it's so important to always do so!

Monday 7th February
Group lesson - Adults Advanced
I felt really nervous for this lesson back, but the same as last week it was nothing to worry about. We worked on the inside and outside edges and swings from the level 1 skills alongside the crossovers exercises. My dress by Sam is nearly finished, so I'm really excited to see it! 

Thursday 11th February
Private Lesson
My first lesson back with Anthony! It wasn't as great as I had hoped as a mix up with the Patch times and pads left me feeling really anxious before the lesson even started, but it turned out okay in the end. I'm definitely not back to where I was after Christmas which is really disappointing, but to be expected after 4 weeks off after an injury. We worked quite a bit on forward and backward crossovers around the circle, and it's really weird how things I've been doing for years suddenly feel really strange and foreign when re-learning them with proper technique. On the plus side my knee felt totally fine and I'm really pleased that nothing so far has flared it up.

Monday 14th February
Group lesson - Adults Advanced
Not a great deal to write about from the group lesson tonight. I wasn't really feeling it as we'd gone out to Pizza Hut due to it being Valentine's Day, so I was just in a mood to chat and mess around! We did work through the majority of the level 1 skills and it was all fine. The group lessons are really more of a social thing for me now, as they only end up being around half an hour long once everyone is doing faffing around, taking the register and warming up. I still enjoy them though!

Thursday 17th February
Private Lesson
My lesson today was okay. I wouldn't say it was great, but it's left me feeling determined to do better. We went through some of the Skills moves from level 2 and I really don't like them! I think I need to get back into the habit of working on my basics (three turns and crossovers) as they were neglected for a while in favour of spins and jumps whilst I was working through Freeskating. At least I know what I need to work on now. We also went through the theory of Rockers, Counters and Brackets. I felt really stupid as they all seemed the same to me and I couldn't differentiate them. However, as soon as I got home I drew them up on post-it notes and stuck them to the wall. I reckon I've got them figured out now! 

My pattern dances in this lesson weren't very good either. I don't know why and it's really frustrating as I was doing so well with them during Christmas and the first week of January. It's as if all my timing and ability has completely gone. I won't let it stop me though and I'm determined to get them back to a good standard. I think I'm just upset as I was ready for testing them before my injury and I hate that I've lost some of the skills since coming back. I've not been able to practice in the week either due to it being half-term, but hopefully next week I can get back to a normal practice schedule.

Monday 21st February
Group lesson - Adults Advanced
It feels like I'm back to normal tonight and like it was a very strong lesson for me. As always we focused on edges, starting on the backwards edges for level 2 Skills today. I was really pleased that I just seemed to 'get' them, and my backwards outsides felt especially strong. Yay! It's so good to be getting back to where I was, although I realised I still won't be able to practice this week as it's still the Rotherham half term. Ew. I also picked up my new dress from Sam tonight!! It is GORGEOUS, I am so excited to get some pictures in it.

Tuesday 22nd February
Public Skate - The Dome
Major disaster. Something has happened to my beautiful dress :( I have no idea what's caused it, but somehow the airbrushing has started coming off in lines! I don't know if it's my body heat or the airbrush layer didn't set properly, but I'm absolutely gutted. Sam says she will fix it though, and I know she will because she's very good at what she does! So may have to wait a little longer for dress photos, but they'll be worth it.

Skating-wise, the Dome was nothing to write home about (as always.) Ice quality was lovely, which made a change, but it was just so busy and we were told off for taking videos, even though every single other person there was doing the same. Idiots.

Thursday 17th February
Private Lesson - Cancelled
No lesson for me today as Anthony is competing with Eleanor in the Netherlands! MUCH more interesting than teaching me I'm sure of it. We watched their Rhythm Dance and they did really well, unfortunately the judges clearly didn't pay enough attention and ranked them 9th.

Monday 28th February
Group lesson - Adults Advanced
The lateness of the group lessons and not resurfacing inbetween is starting to do my head in again. We only end up getting half an hour of actual lesson time once the previous group has finally cleared off, and it makes me wonder if it's even worth travelling over for. We started learning the Swing Dance tonight, but I felt like I couldn't enjoy it as proper edges and swings felt too impossible on the horrible ice. I also never really noticed just how awful my short-term memory is until it came to learning pattern dances. I can watch and listen to Anthony go through the steps so many times, but the second it comes to my turn it completely disappears. I'm writing this the morning after, and I can remember a lot more of it now, but last night it just wouldn't stick. 

I won't lie, I feel really disappointed in myself that I haven't achieved anything this month, it's now become 7 weeks of setbacks from my knee instead of just 3. I'll have my lesson again with Anthony on Thursday, so hopefully I will have some sort of miracle then.

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