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March 2022 - Through good times & bad

In March I struggled with my self-esteem, improved my spins, joined an Ice Dance masterclass, and started to really make the most of my group lessons

Wednesday 2nd March
Public Session
My first practice session back has absolutely knackered me! According to my Fitbit I spent 41 minutes in the 'peak' zone, which is absolutely massive! I tried to work on my Level 1 Skills, mainly the crossover pattern and the slaloms as although the session wasn't busy, it seemed like everyone there was determined to get in the way as much as possible. I think I'm starting to feel the shift between practicing on patch and public sessions at last! I also went through the forward inside and outside edges briefly, along with a couple of run-through of the Rhythm Blues, but I had to keep stopping as someone cut me up. I had a go at jumping and was hoping to film some spins and jumps, but they were genuinely so awful! I am starting to get more revolutions on my spin if I go very slowly, but they don't look good at all. I only lasted the one session, but I have a full day and lesson tomorrow so I'll see how it goes!

Wednesday 2nd March
Private Lesson
I don’t have the headspace right now to write about today. Just feel like a complete idiot. 

Monday 7th March
Group Lesson - Advanced Dance
I was really anxious for my lesson tonight after how Thursday had gone. I didn't really feel like going as I overdid it in the gym yesterday and my legs are killing! But I'm glad I went. I took Anthony some biscuits as yesterday marked 3 years since I started lessons with him. I really can't believe just how quickly it's gone. In the group lesson we briefly went through the Swing Dance from last week, then spent some time on Twizzles and Turns. I'm quite liking the turns! Who knows if I'll be able to do them properly (my Mohawks say 'no') but it's nice to learn something new.

Thursday 10th March
Private Lesson
Why does it keep happening! I actually cried in my lesson today, twice. I'm so embarrassed. I just feel so stupid and like I'll never get it right. The worst part is that the Foxtrot isn't exactly complex, and yet I'm so useless I'm not even coming close. I don't know what to do anymore.

On a better note I spent a whole session this morning working on my Twizzles and I even managed a quad on my right foot! It shows what I can achieve when I actually practice them haha. Next up is the left foot. Spins were going well too, I'm almost up to my goal of six revolutions, I'm consistently hitting five, which is a very good start.

Friday 11th March
Public Skate
I didn't do an awful lot this morning, just a lot of chatting and skating in circles. I probably shouldn't have gone as I still feel really upset from yesterday. But I suppose I can either wallow in it, or I can use it as motivation to work really hard so it doesn't happen again. That's what I'd like to do, but it's tricky to even feel like practicing something I know I'm bad at, and I don't want to practice it wrong like I must have been doing before.

Monday 14th March
Group Lesson - Advanced Dance
Another really enjoyable group lesson! I paid extra attention today and tried not to mess around or chat as much and it really paid off. I've pretty much learned the Swing dance now, which is lovely. I also worked hard on my Mohawks and attempted a Choctaw. That was too hard for me right now, but never say never!

Wednesday 16th March
Private Lesson
A good lesson! A really good lesson! I really enjoyed myself, and had a good few practice sessions in the day as well. Anthony asked what I'd been working on, so I showed him my outside edges. They're apparently pretty strong and would be a good start to any test. My inside edges are quite a bit weaker, but I'm sure if I worked on them like I did the outside ones today I can improve them a lot. We went through the Foxtrot and the Rhythm Blues, which we hadn't gone through in agessss. Both seem to be working really well, I'm so glad to have gotten through whatever was holding me back. He's sent me the music library for them so I can listen to the tracks and get used to them as I definitely panic and tense up as soon as the music is on. It's been a good day!

Saturday 19th March
General Flexibility Class
I took part in one of Kelly's online classes for the first time in ages! It was her general flex class, however this week it mainly seemed to be focused on back flexibility. I prefer leg based classes, but I still enjoyed it and had no trouble from my knee, which was a bonus. I tried my Biellmann position but couldn't come close unfortunately. The next time she holds a masterclass I reckon I'll sign up and go.

Monday 21st March
Group Lesson - Advanced Dance
Recently the adult lessons have left me in a really good mood! The one tonight was a lot of fun. I learned backwards one foot slalom for the first time, and it wasn't as scary as I was expecting. We also started learning the Fiesta Tango dance and I really enjoyed it! Hopefully I've got through my skating slump and am back to really loving it again.

Thursday 24th March
Private Lesson
I'm so glad I'm back to really loving my lessons again! It makes me feel so good about myself when they go well. Today we started with my level one skills, and both my inside and outside edges are totally spot on. I'm still struggling with the mohawks for the landing position and crossover exercises, but I know I'll get them. Even my one-foot slaloms are going well. I spent a lot of time in the public sessions today practicing the backwards ones, and I'm really happy I could show Anthony them. We also went through both my Level 1 dances and I'm extremely happy with how they are going now. I especially enjoy the Rhythm Blues1 We ended with a run through of the Fiesta Tango from on Monday, and I'm pleased to say I remembered almost all of it.

Saturday 26th March
Ice Dance Masterclass
I couldn't say I overly enjoyed the masterclass today. It was very different to what the post advertising it said. Still, it was okay, and I wasn't the absolute worst there, so chalk it all down to experience I suppose.

Thursday 31st March
Private Lesson
Had a fun lesson today! I'd spent time in the day going through the Swing dance with a friend, so we worked properly on that which was really fun. I really enjoy learning the dances. Pattern dance is definitely my favourite part of skating overall. It does make me wonder if in the future I would like to find a dance partner to compete with? I'm not sure yet, but it's an avenue to explore.

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