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April 2022

Thursday 7th April
Private Lesson
I had loads of fun in my lesson today! We properly went through the level 2 pattern dances - the Canasta Tango and the Dutch Waltz! I think I'm going to like them, however I'm currently struggling to remember the Tango a little bit because it's in reverse Killian hold and feels really weird! But other than that I am thoroughly enjoying ice dance as always. I know I made the right decision to continue it solely and quit free-skating as the amount of enjoyment I get from it is amazing. I must remember to write down the steps for the dances, as I probably won't be able to practice at all this next week as it's half term.

Monday 11th April
Group Lesson - Advanced Dance
Didn't feel like much of a lesson tonight as was really tired and the ice was worse than normal. From what I can remember we did something to do with three-turns and backwards crossrolls, then started learning backward outside twizzles. The twizzles were interesting, I got it a few times.

Thursday 14th April
Private Lesson
We did some thorough run-throughs of my level 1 skills today (thank god, because I totally forgot the steps to the dances last week.) My inside and outside edges are pretty much spot-on, I just need to remember to keep my head up and hold my leg underneath on the inside edges. Forward power pulls were surprisingly strong, I think I just need to be more confident with them. Came on a good amount with my landing position, what a surprise that it actually goes well when I stand up straight? Who'd have known.... Made some progress on the crossovers too. The crossovers themselves are fine, it's just the mohawk and the step to forward in the middle that scares me. But again, it's just confidence and trusting myself to do it. I know I can.

Monday 18th April
Group Lesson - Advanced Dance

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