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Tracking my goals and progress as an adult figure skater

About Sunflower Skates

Hello there, I'm Alice (aka, SunflowerSkates!)

I'm a 24 year old beginner figure skater from Retford, a tiny town in North Nottinghamshire.

I started skating lessons at 21 years old, after only ever going to a rink few times previously in my early teens, simply due to (you've guessed it!) watching Dancing On Ice.

My theory was that if Gemma Collins could do it, so could I!

From my very first steps on the ice I started keeping a diary, which quickly morphed into this blog so I could share my thoughts and progress with the rest of the adult figure skating community

I skate at iceSheffield and I am currently working on the BIS Dance curriculum.

Skating has truly enhanced my life in so many ways. My confidence is growing daily and I love setting myself goals month after month.

Thank you for visiting my blog, and good luck on your own skating journeys!

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