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Tracking my goals and progress as an adult figure skater

About Sunflower Thoughts

Striving to be kind, supportive and forward-thinking, Sunflower Thoughts explores my own thoughts and feeling on topics such as mental health, self care and feminism as I make my own way in the world around me.

Hello, and welcome to Sunflower Thoughts. My name is Alice (known throughout here as 'Sunflower') and I had been a beauty blogger for five years before tumbling down the rabbit hole into the world of mental health and personal blogging.

Writing about my own feelings is a new one for me. I can easily spin out a 500 word article detailing my thoughts on a lipstick or bath bomb, but when it comes to the muddles inside my head, I tend to find it a little harder.

I'm not intending for anyone to really read most of this blog. A few posts I will share to social media, if I feel they could help someone, but it's mainly a space just for myself. If you come across it by chance, then I'd love to know your thoughts.

I am a huge fan of all things cute and cosy, and can often be found curled up in a bubble bath with a good book for hours on end. I have recently started figure skating lessons, and I will also be using this blog as a way to track my progress, goals and ambitions with monthly diary updates.

Sometimes I am sad. Sometimes I am happy. But I am always me.

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